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Welcome! A good way to get started is to read the documentation, especially tutorials. You can also read an example of a side to get a feel for how one is written. You can download a Grobots client as well, to actually see simulated rounds and run tournaments. Once you are ready to begin editing, try the sandbox, and then move on to whatever needs doing, which you can see on the Wishlist or watercooler.

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Featured side: Active

As its name suggests, Active was the first side with active dodging. The implementation is extremely complex, but the result is impressive. It is nearly immune to long-range blasters, it ignores shots that won't hit, it makes its enemies appear to narrowly miss by accident, and it wins tournaments.

Its complexity makes it difficult to learn from, but don't be intimidated; Active uses a complex multilayered form of dodging. It can be done in much simpler ways.

Featured tutorial: Active Dodging

Many of the top sides (currently Revenge Killer 5, Active and its derivative Big Bertha) dodge shots actively, i.e. they look for incoming shots and dodge if they expect a shot to hit. Active dodging seems to be crucial for making a world-class fighter. It's less important for non-combatants but even so Warren is planning to give all his future types at least basic active dodging. This tutorial describes how to do it and how it works.

Featured documentation: Physics

A look at some of the physics of Grobots. To effectively understand and fine-tune side behavior, a working knowledge of this is usually required.

Christmas Grobots Tournament!

Christmas Grobots Tournament!

Featured video: Annoyingly loud tournament.


Featured picture: Adaptive and Arg battling.


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