This page lists all published tournament results and acts as a schedule and reference for interpreting outcomes. Individual tournament results are listed under subpages.

There are four main tournament categories:

  • The Top Nine is a formal King-of-the-Hill style tournament series: one challenger at a time faces the incumbent top nine sides, and the lowest-scoring side (be it the challenger or a champion) is removed at the end of the tournament.
  • The Newbie Tournament is for sides from authors who have not cracked the top ten.
  • Top N tournaments run 20-30 of the best sides, plus any new ones and whatever others the tournament operator happened to include. These are generally considered the "main" tournaments, and are the ones most sides aim to do well in.
  • Global tournaments were added recently. In these, all the sides that can be scrounged up are run in tournaments of 10 to 14 each and scored according to performance. Similar-scoring sides are then put into tournaments together and all will eventually filter out into a competition they can (hopefully) handle.

Tournaments aren't run on a regular schedule; Devon has been running the "official" tournaments, but the results don't depend on the operator; anyone can run tournaments that are equally good at showing which sides are best. (Hint: run a few thousand rounds.)

Almost all tournaments use the default rules, because there aren't enough players to explore one ruleset, let alone several.


Name Category Date
List of tournaments/December 2013Top N8 December 2013


Name Category Date
Devon's August 2012 Top NTop NAugust 13, 2012
lukelavalley's Global TournamentGlobalJuly 12, 2012
Warren's 2012 NewbieNewbieSeptember 16, 2012

Older tournamentsEdit

You can see the results of many past tournaments on the old tournaments page.