Massive Beast
Massive beast's seed, a little bigger than its 4553 seed size, alongside a 2519 sized Raymoo from Danmaku and a 742 sized GOD from Hasher.


David Shellard


Giant long-range attacker

Last modified

13 Aug 2009

Massive Beast is very aggressive: it seeds with a single huge fighter, which immediately attacks everything it sees with long-range blasters, like Teledont. Since most sides either ignore long-range attacks or don't respond to them very well, it can often exterminate all enemies early. Its economy is almost irrelevant.

Several derivatives combine Massive Beast with other sides to get better growth. The Horde combines it with Nanomachines. The Lunacy combines it with Revenge Killer 4, which was already champion, further improving its performance. ARG is a variant which produces auxiliary fighters to protect the main cell, and scores in the top five despite having linear growth.

As of August 2012, there are three Massive Beast derivatives in the top five, so resistance to their attacks strongly affects the success of a side. The best known solution is Active's: chase shots and dodge on the way. Hiding in corners also helps delay encounters with it.


Massive Beast The Horde The Lunacy ARG